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About China Plush Factory

    • Huge selection of very competitively priced soft toys.
    • Quality control, tailored to meet International standards.
    • Customer Quality Inspections are welcome at any time.
    • OEM, ODM and Private labels are welcome.
    • Professional R&D staff able to meet your requirements.
We are proud to present a large selection of very competitively priced, quality soft toys,
available in medium to high class range as required by the customers' target markets.
Our database currently consists of over 6000 toys.
With many years of experience in OEM production, we ensures top-of-the-line products at
very competitive prices. The quality control, tailored to meet International Standards,
involves a range of specialists responsible for the different production stages.
Our factory is located in Hangzhou - an excellent location for efficient shipment.
We have also established long and stable business relationships with customers in USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.
Contact us now, with your favourite plush designs!
Factory in Hangzhou
Production Area
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