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Safety Standards

Our toys are made of a high class materials and are able to successfully pass any international Safety Standard test.  If such a test is required it must be specifically requested before a Sales Contract is signed. All related costs will be borne by the Buyer and will be included in our Invoice.

Major Safety Standards tests:

  • US ASTM F963-96A Full Test

  • US CPSC Regulations Full Test

  • Canadian Hazardous Products (Toys) Regulations

  • British Standard BS 5665 Full Test

  • European Standard EN 71 Full Test

  • Australian Standard AS 1647 Full Test

Specific tests:

  • DEHP Content (US TMA Voluntary Test)

  • Phenol Content (German DIN 53 704)

  • Colour Fastness (German DIN 53 160)

  • Cadmium Content (Swedish Standard)

    • Lens Impact Test (US FDA)

 Stuffing of Material
Weight Inspection 
Pull Inspection 
Scanning of Metal 


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